SXSW Official: Purple Bee Groove Partyfeat. Jagtronica • Henry Invisible Show at 8:00PM SXSW Wristband/Badge Required at Seven Grand
SXSW Official: Purple Bee Groove Partyfeat. Jagtronica • Henry Invisible
Saturday, March 19
Show 8:00PM
SXSW Wristband/Badge Required

Purple Bee presents our first official SXSW showcase! Saturday March 19th at Seven Grand in downtown Austin with Jagtronica and Henry Invisible. A night of fearless improvisation, funk, good vibez and an interactive audio/visual feast. Open to everyone! $5 cover if you don’t have a SXSW wristband/badge.

About Jagtronica
Jagtronica is a high-wire act of true improvisational performance art – combining live electronica, hiphop, dub, and more expiremental groove-based sounds with dance, projected-visuals and interactive elements into a perfectly imperfect variety show chock full of humanity and real moments.

About Henry Invisible
You know you are doing something right when one of your heroes (in this case, the godfather of funk, George Clinton) says incredulously, “How did you do that?” after seeing you open for them. If you are one-man-funk-band Henry Invisible, this is par for the course. Even George Porter Jr of The Meters called him “a bad motherfunker.” A music festival favorite, Henry Invisible provides the energy and sound of a 6-piece funk band in a compact one man show, complete with a mirrored marching band hat and guitar, bass, percussion vocals and keys all courtesy of Mr. Invisible. In addition to the artist’s most recent singles such as the classic booty-shaker “Hi Life” and the jubilant roller skate jam “Bounce “, you can also find his work on his hero Bootsy Collin’s “Stolen Dreams” from his most recent release, Power Of The One as well as a quick cameo in the video for the title track.