Beyond the Code • AI Music Session & NFT Documentarywith DJ Macy Gray • Desdemona's Dream • Purple Bee Allstars Doors at 6:00PM CT Show at 7:00PM CT Ends at 12:00AM CT Exclusive Holders & Private Guests at Purple Bee Studios • Volente
Beyond the Code • AI Music Session & NFT Documentarywith DJ Macy Gray • Desdemona's Dream • Purple Bee Allstars
at Purple Bee Studios • Volente
Friday, May 31
Doors 6:00PM
Show 7:00PM
Ends 12:00AM
Exclusive Holders & Private Guests

Friday May 31st @ 5:00PM CT: SingularityNET and XRAGENCY.CO Present a special AI Music Session for exclusive holders and private guests – Witness unique performances music by Desdemonda’s Dream, Host Macy Gray will DJ, Performance and DJ by Co-Host Jarobi White (OG Member of A Tribe Called Quest, freshly inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), Chicago’s MIC Messia, & Purple Bee All Stars. RSVP Here⚡️

Engage in a fireside chat about the state of AI music with Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNet, alongside Producer and Director Nefertiti A Strong of Beyond The Code Documentary series and other industry pioneers. Be part of the Live Beta Test of Jam Galaxy,Incantio, featuring discussions on the future of AI in music.

This event is a key gathering for the documentary , VCs, players in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 communities. Celebrate the launch of the “Beyond The Code” series NFT, allowing community ownership in a royalty stream derived from the documentary.

About the “Beyond the Code” Documentary
An immersive documentary capturing the intersection of AGI, human creativity, and the quest for a harmonious future while exploring a journey towards creating beneficial artificial super intelligence harmonizing with humanity. Directed/produced by Nefertiti A. Strong (Founder, XR Agency) co-produced by Dr. Ben Goertzel (Chaos Factory) VoiceOver by Macy Gray.

About SingularityNET
SingularityNET is a decentralized AI marketplace, founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, dedicated to democratizing access to artificial intelligence. Through a global network of developers and users, SingularityNET is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future powered by AI.

About XR Agency
XR Agency is a pioneering firm at the forefront of immersive technology and storytelling. Through innovative projects and collaborations, XR Agency seeks to push the boundaries of creativity and impact.

🐝 About Purple Bee
Concert films + livestreams + Magical live music experiences. Purple Bee has worked with Alicia Keys, Coldplay, The Head and the Heart, C3, Rolling Stone, SiriusXM &  more…