The Nth Power • Purple Bee Live 107Interactive Livestream • Donation-Powered Show at 6:00PM CT Supported by Donations
The Nth Power • Purple Bee Live 107Interactive Livestream • Donation-Powered
Saturday, November 18
Show 6:00PM
Supported by Donations

Saturday November 18th @ 6:00PM CT: Purple Bee is proud to host The Nth Power for Purple Bee Live episode 107. The band will be performing an intimate & interactive session, giving fans a peek into their creative process.⚡️

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Join the in-studio audience for the live taping – Purple Bee guests get the all inclusive treatment, with complimentary drinks and snacks, plus wireless headphones and a variety of vantage points to take in the session. The studio is located in Volente, TX, a scenic drive 30mins west of Austin. Tickets Here

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About The Nth Power
Proving that soul music can be exponentially greater than the sum of its parts, The Nth Power is on a mission to share the light. Formed during an impromptu late-night jam at Jazz Fest 2012 in New Orleans, the relentlessly funky and soulful band believes in music as a higher power tapping into an energy that is simultaneously sexy and spiritual, with songs that will inspire audiences to dance, groove, make love or just stand there with goose bumps.