Jaime Ospina’s Hubbub Sessions • Night 1Interactive Livestream • Donation-Powered Show at 7:30PM CT Supported by Donations
Jaime Ospina’s Hubbub Sessions • Night 1Interactive Livestream • Donation-Powered
Wednesday, April 17
Show 7:30PM
Supported by Donations

Weds April 17th @ 7:30PM CT: Purple Bee presents a special 2-night livestream & creative session featuring Jaime Ospina (Superfónicos) and an all-star lineup of musicians with members of Atash, Brownout, Caramelo Haze, Cazayoux, Combo Oscuro, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Grupo Fantasma, Hard Proof, Hotel De Nova, Kalu James, Ley Line, Micah Shalom, Money Chicha, Nemegata, Stomp!, Superfónicos, and many more.

The all-star band will cook up new music around Jaime Ospina’s melodies and take part in a celebration of music, friendship and a shared love of their influences from the African music diaspora. The livestream will give viewers a window into the ‘kitchen’ where the music is ‘cooked’, as the band prepares songs for an upcoming album.⚡️

Note: Night 1 will be a livestream only, no audience. Night 2 will be a livestream + with an in-person audience – get tickets here.

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