You’re invited to Camp Purple Bee, our pop-up venue on E. Cesar Chavez in the thick of SXSW 2022. Experience the livestream-equipped outdoor music stage, a world class taco truck, and a convenient gathering spot. We’ve booked 3 days of amazing music, with delicious food and sponsored beverages – no wristband required – just RSVP for each day using the links below:


New Taco Release Party


Int'l Music & Tech Summit

12:00 PMPanel: Concerts in Web3Daniel Gibbs: C3 Presents, Scott Rehling: L2 Productions, Jan Bozarth: Dreameroo, Craig Allen: Arrivant, Evan Bozarth: Purple Bee, moderated by Michele Martell
1:00 PMPanel: Music + MoneyMichele Martell, Barb Prashner
3:00 PM████████TBA


Mud Bugs in the Metaverse

Event Manifesto

Concerts in ‘the metaverse’ don’t signal an end to live music – This is only the beginning: The entire landscape for producing live events is transforming. Emerging technologies make cinema-quality, scalable live production possible at all levels- from upstart bands to the world’s largest music festivals. Unlocking more immersive experiences, more intimate crowd-participation and deeper, more direct artist-to-fan relationships. From blockchain games, to community tokens, to storytelling thru NFT, to VR/AR technology, to the art of the live-streamed concert, our panelists give a peek into the future: an auspicious beginning and a revolution for music in Web3.

Listen to the Lineup

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