Eddie Robbins BandAlbum Fundraiser • Purple Bee Live E63 Show at 8:00PM CT Supported by Donations
Eddie Robbins BandAlbum Fundraiser • Purple Bee Live E63
Wednesday, February 16
Show 8:00PM
Supported by Donations

Purple Bee TV presents Purple Bee Live episode 63, featuring an in-studio performance by Eddie Robbins Band, raising support for their upcoming album release.⚡️

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Eddie and his band are asking for your support to be a backbone in the production and distribution of The Great American Put On. With your donation, become part of an exclusive club and be at the forefront of supporting original local music! Our live streams are free to watch, but powered by your donations, which go to directly support the artists and crew.

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Meet Eddie Robbins
After Eddie Robbins picked up his dad’s dusty old Martin guitar at the age of 11, expressing and learning through music and songwriting has served as the navigating anchor point for his life. After 30 years, Eddie Robbins will finally make his debut full-length album debut with the Eddie Robbins Band. The album’s songs stem from miraculously regaining sight in his right eye after a sudden blindness scare in 2019. The album was recorded at Laughing Heart Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, in the summer of 2020 & 2021.