Welcome to Purple Bee Studios! We’re not just a world-class recording studio & production soundstage; we’re a creative oasis, a haven for musical exploration, and fertile ground for magic moments.

Your Role in the Groove:

As our honored guests, we invite you to be more than spectators; become our partners in making the show a resounding success. Share the stream with your friends on social media, fill up the seats in front, cheer, and clap— your energy fuels the artists, giving them the vibrant atmosphere they need to shine. Your presence transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, turning each performance into an unforgettable experience.

Respect the Vibe:

To preserve the magical atmosphere, we kindly ask our guests to respect the groove. Please refrain from interrupting or disrupting the music; let the rhythm flow, and together, we’ll create musical moments that resonate long after the last note. Feel the vibe, soak it in, and let’s create musical memories together! If you do need to talk or have a discussion, our outside patio is a great area for that. You won’t miss a beat with the wireless headphones and video screens.

Loboz 58 • Groove LabLive Improvisations • Donation-Powered Show at 7:30PM CT Supported by Donations
Loboz 58 • Groove LabLive Improvisations • Donation-Powered
Wednesday, May 22
Show 7:30PM
Supported by Donations

Weds May 22nd @ 7:30PM CT: Purple Bee TV presents Groove Lab featuring LOBOZ. Be part of the show as we craft improvised music, influenced by you, the live audience.. Its collaborative art, made for the moment, interactive and fun to watch with friends!️️ ⚡️ Donate to play our interactive games and fuel a jam in your honor!️️

💜Support the Artists & Crew
Our live streams are free to watch, but powered by your donations, which go to directly support the artists and crew. http://purplebee.org/donate


Frequently Asked Questions

Purple Bee is a vibrant hub for music and creativity. We’re a concert film studio, live stream venue, production company, and event curator. Nestled in Volente, TX, our facility is a versatile space where the magic of live music happens. Join our community of music lovers, and let’s create unforgettable moments together.

Look for QR codes posted near the doors. Scan them with your phone camera, and you’ll be surfing the digital waves in no time. The login credentials are conveniently printed on the codes as well.

Grab a pair of wireless headphones from the patio, under the big TV. With three color-coded feeds—red for the live program, green for delayed live program, and blue for the production feed—immerse yourself in the music. Just be mindful of the volume (stay under 80% for top-notch sound quality) and enjoy the show, both on stage and behind the scenes!

Relief is just a beat away! Find a portapotty in the courtyard or head to the lounge/green room for indoor facilities. Let’s keep the good vibes flowing—mindful water and paper usage make the experience better for everyone.

Support the music and donate via our Donation Page. We recommend PayPal for an interactive experience—see your donation pop up on the screen and contribute to the donation meter. For more options, check the donation page for details and alternative methods.

Sharing is caring! There are links on this page to effortlessly share the current show. Share the direct video link or link to the event page at purplebee.org, your one-stop spot for all the links and info.

Planning something special? Reach out to us, and let’s make it happen. Explore more details and find our contact form on our Private Events page.

Got something on your mind? If it’s urgent, find our onsite staff for assistance. We value your feedback—share your thoughts after the show or reach out via email. Check our Contact Page for all the ways to get in touch. Enjoy the show, and let the music guide you! 🐝🎶

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